EBC D011 Standard Front Discs

EBC D011 Standard Front Discs

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EBC D011 Standard Front Discs

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EBC D011 Premium Brake Disc (sold in pairs)
Product Details
Surely the best aftermarket Disc (sold in pairs) on sale anywhere, EBC Brakes® offer OEM quality replacement Disc (sold in pairs)s made to the exact same spec as original parts using G3000 grey iron.

Precision machined, balanced and 100% ONE BY ONE runout inspected to guarantee zero rotor distortion out of the box. The quality and price point of the EBC Brakes® Disc (sold in pairs)s makes them a best buy brake part equal to or better than original parts. Always fit new pads when replacing the Discs (sold in pairs)

Technical Info
These brake Disc (sold in pairs)s have the highest integrity and product quality on the aftermarket. An OE quality replacement Disc (sold in pairs), made of the finest grade iron and a perfect replacement Disc (sold in pairs) for any car.

Every EBC rotor is runout inspected on this machine. Even when manufactured on state of the art precision machines, not even ONE single Disc (sold in pairs) escapes this process guaranteeing perfect Disc (sold in pairs) alignment. If during install you notice runout on your car it will surely be due to a chassis alignment that happens on one in seven cars, usually cased by nudging a kerb or hitting a pothole in the road earlier in driving the vehicle. This is ONLY cured by aligning the rotors.

Suitable For

Suitable for:

Ford Capri Mk1 1.3 GT19691973Front
Ford Capri Mk1 1.619691975Front
Ford Capri Mk1 1.6 GT19691975Front
Ford Capri Mk1 1.6 L19721975Front
Ford Capri Mk1 2.019691975Front
Ford Capri Mk1 2.319741975Front
Ford Capri Mk1 2.6 RS19701971Front
Ford Capri Mk2 1.319761978Front
Ford Capri Mk2 1.619761978Front
Ford Capri Mk2 2.019761978Front
Ford Capri Mk2 2.319761977Front
Ford Capri Mk3 1.319781982Front
Ford Capri Mk3 1.619781987Front
Ford Capri Mk3 2.019781987Front
Ford Cortina Mk1 1.5 GT19631966Front
Ford Cortina Mk1 1.6 (Lotus)19631966Front
Ford Cortina Mk2 1.6 (Lotus)19661970Front
Ford Cortina Mk2 1.6 E19661970Front
Ford Cortina Mk2 1.6 GT19681970Front
Ford Escort Mk1 1.6 RS 115bhp19701972Front
Ford Escort Mk1 1.6 TC 110bhp19681972Front
Ford Escort Mk1 2.0 RS 100bhp19731975Front
Ford Escort Mk1 Mexico 1.6 86bhp19701974Front
Ford Escort Mk2 2.0 RS 110bhp19751980Front
Ford Zephyr 2.019661972Front
Ford Zephyr 2.519661972Front
Ford Zodiac 3.019661972Front
Lotus Cortina Mk1 1.619631966Front
Lotus Cortina Mk2 1.619661970Front
With a worldwide work force of over 400 people EBC Brakes is an independently owned and managed leader in the brake market, proud of it’s customers, it’s products, it’s success and its people. EBC Brakes produce the largest range of brake pads and brake discs in the world. With over 5000 part numbers for every type of moving vehicle. EBC Brakes are made in one of its two specialist factories in the UK and USA. The majority of EBC brake discs or brake rotors are also made in the UK. With modern trends towards cheap imported brake pads and brake rotors EBC Brakes leads the world in its technology,quality control, product performance and customer service. Our product range includes brake pads for cars,trucks and SUV, brake rotors (brake discs) for every rolling vehicle on the planet and even brake pads for wind farms, brake pads for military applications such as the Humvee, various armored cars and even tanks, railway brakes productsand all kinds of industrial vehicle brakes. Types of brake pads manufactured include aramid brake pads, sintered brakes, ceramic brake pads and carbon long life brake pads. The EBC Brake rotor brake disc range includes cast iron brake rotors or brake discs for automobiles, stainless steel brake rotors for motorcycles,mountain bike brake pads and mountain bike brake rotors and ATV brake pads and rotors. Over the years the brake market has seen many changes and many brands come and go. We have also seen many so called “Famous Names” resort to “Branding” products and having them made by licensees in “emerging market” locations. EBC has strongly pursued its philosophy that brake pads and brake rotors or brake discs are safety products and are best hand crafted and made with care and maximum focus on high quality rather than price savings and are designed and researched on an on-going basis in our own facilities rather than turning a high safety product into a commodity marketed price point product. We firmly believe that saving a few pennies on brake pads and brake rotors is false economy.

EBC Brakes remains therefore committed to its exclusive UK and USA manufacturing.

EBC has no less than 8 dynamometer systems in its two factories representing over $3 million investment in research along and with its 60 year pedigree of brake material blending you can be sure that brake pads bearing the EBC name will deliver and perform. Environment is equally important to EBC and brake pads made in our factories have every possible consideration for environmental protection.

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