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EBC DP2101 Greenstuff Rear Pads

EBC DP2101 Greenstuff Rear Pads

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EBC DP2101 Greenstuff Rear Pads

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Designed for premium street driving offering better brake effect up to 600°C (1100°F). EBC Greenstuff has a high initial brake effect and gives drivers confidence from first application of the brake pedal. There is no such thing as a no dust pad. The very nature of how a brake works requires that some dust be generated to avoid rotor vibration (shimmying). The EBC pad creates less dust and dust is more easily washed off than most. All pads create more dust as they are bedding in especially if rotors are worn. Nominal friction coefficient 0.55. For heavier faster cars and vehicles above 200bhp we strongly recommend Redstuff which does offer much less dust.
Product Details
Greenstuff 6000 series is regarded as a first level brake improvement over stock and can deliver up to 15% improvement in stopping power. However Greenstuff 6000 is not a hard and long lasting pad and drivers may find Greenstuff last less miles on light Trucks and SUV than stock units which in our opinion are designed primarily to pass the warranty period but 6000 are a good quality pad replacement with medium dusting and good brake effect.

Greenstuff 7000 series are a slightly harder pad than its 6000 series stable mate and designed to Reduce Dust and last slightly longer than the 6000 series. Again a great pad and a quality pad replacement for Truck and SUV (4 x 4)

When replacing brakes of any kind please remember how important brake safety is to your own well being and either have a professional mechanic install your new brakes or if you are a qualified mechanic use the EBC installation DVD as a guide in support of your vehicle owner’s manual

Technical Info
  • Greenstuff brake pads are a passenger car/saloon car pad NOT made for Truck or SUV fitments.
  • EBC medium dust fast street pad with 20-25% % brake improvement.
  • Capable of repeated heavy brake use without brake “Fall-Off”.
  • Very minimal disc/rotor damage characteristics.
  • Superb material for lighter model Asian and European sport compacts.
  • ECE R 90 type approved for most cars.
  • Features red “brake in’ surface coating for instant safe braking after install.
  • Suitable For

    Suitable for:

    AC 3000 3.019751986Rear
    Alfa Romeo Giulietta (116) 1.3 95bhp19771979Rear
    Aston Martin DB5 4.019631965Rear
    Aston Martin DB6 4.019651970Rear
    Aston Martin DBS 4.019671973Rear
    Aston Martin DBS V8 5.319691972Rear
    Aston Martin Lagonda 5.319761990Rear
    Aston Martin Short Chassis Volante 4.019651966Rear
    Bristol 409 5.219651967Rear
    Bristol 410 5.219671969Rear
    Bristol 411 6.319681973Rear
    Bristol 411 6.619731976Rear
    Bristol 412 5.919751978Rear
    Bristol 412 6.619751982Rear
    Bristol 603 5.219761978Rear
    Bristol 603 5.919761983Rear
    Bristol Beaufighter 5.9 Turbo19801983Rear
    Daimler Double Six 5.319721993Rear
    Daimler DS420 Limousine 4.219751992Rear
    Daimler Sovereign 2.819691975Rear
    Daimler Sovereign 3.419751983Rear
    Daimler Sovereign 4.219661986Rear
    Daimler Sovereign 420 4.219661969Rear
    Jaguar 420 4.219661969Rear
    Jaguar E-Type Series 2 4.219691971Rear
    Jaguar E-Type Series 3 5.319711975Rear
    Jaguar Mk1 2.419551955Rear
    Jaguar Mk10 3.819611964Rear
    Jaguar XJ12 5.319721993Rear
    Jaguar XJ6 2.819681975Rear
    Jaguar XJ6 2.919861986Rear
    Jaguar XJ6 3.419781986Rear
    Jaguar XJ6 4.219691985Rear
    Jaguar XJR 3.619911991Rear
    Jaguar XJR-S 5.319881990Rear
    Jaguar XJR-S 6.019891993Rear
    Jaguar XJS 3.619831992Rear
    Jaguar XJS 5.319751991Rear
    Jensen FF 6.319661972Rear
    Jensen Interceptor 6.319691972Rear
    Jensen Interceptor 7.219711976Rear
    With a worldwide work force of over 400 people EBC Brakes is an independently owned and managed leader in the brake market, proud of it’s customers, it’s products, it’s success and its people. EBC Brakes produce the largest range of brake pads and brake discs in the world. With over 5000 part numbers for every type of moving vehicle. EBC Brakes are made in one of its two specialist factories in the UK and USA. The majority of EBC brake discs or brake rotors are also made in the UK.

    With modern trends towards cheap imported brake pads and brake rotors EBC Brakes leads the world in its technology,quality control, product performance and customer service. Our product range includes brake pads for cars,trucks and SUV, brake rotors (brake discs) for every rolling vehicle on the planet and even brake pads for wind farms, brake pads for military applications such as the Humvee, various armored cars and even tanks, railway brakes productsand all kinds of industrial vehicle brakes.

    Types of brake pads manufactured include aramid brake pads, sintered brakes, ceramic brake pads and carbon long life brake pads. The EBC Brake rotor brake disc range includes cast iron brake rotors or brake discs for automobiles, stainless steel brake rotors for motorcycles,mountain bike brake pads and mountain bike brake rotors and ATV brake pads and rotors.

    Over the years the brake market has seen many changes and many brands come and go. We have also seen many so called “Famous Names” resort to “Branding” products and having them made by licensees in “emerging market” locations. EBC has strongly pursued its philosophy that brake pads and brake rotors or brake discs are safety products and are best hand crafted and made with care and maximum focus on high quality rather than price savings and are designed and researched on an on-going basis in our own facilities rather than turning a high safety product into a commodity marketed price point product. We firmly believe that saving a few pennies on brake pads and brake rotors is false economy.

    EBC Brakes remains therefore committed to its exclusive UK and USA manufacturing.

    EBC has no less than 8 dynamometer systems in its two factories representing over $3 million investment in research along and with its 60 year pedigree of brake material blending you can be sure that brake pads bearing the EBC name will deliver and perform. Environment is equally important to EBC and brake pads made in our factories have every possible consideration for environmental protection.

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