Mintex Classic Front Pads

Mintex Classic Front Pads

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Mintex Classic Front Pads

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Using the new MX4597 compound, Mintex Classic Ford Capri Ghia Brakes Padsoffers superb power and smooth braking with the addition of long life and low noise.
Product Details
Using the new MX4597 compound, the Mintex Classic use modern friction compounds on classic shoes and back plates to provide huge performance advantages. The MGB633C can be used on fourteen Ford vehicles, the 1975-1981 Capri 2.8L, the 1970-1975 and 1975-1981 Capri 3000 GT, the 1975-1981 Capri Ghia, the 1975-1981 Capri S, the 1970-1976 Cortina 1600GT MKIII, the 1970-1972 Escort MKI Mexico, the 1970-1972 Escort MKI RS1600, the 1973-1976 Escort MK I RS2000, the 1975-1980 Escort MKII Ghia, the 1972-1980 Escort MKII Mexico, the 1978-1980 Ford Escort MKII RS1800, the 1978-1980 Escort MKII RS2000 and the 1975-1980 Escort MKII Sport.
Suitable For
Vehicle Model YearApplication
FordCapri 2.8i1975 - 1981Front
FordCapri 3000GT1970 - 1975Front
FordCapri 3000GT 1975 - 1981Front
FordCapri Ghia1975 - 1981Front
FordCapri S1975 - 1981Front
FordCortina 1600GT MK.III1970 - 1976Front
FordEscort MK.I Mexico1970 - 1972Front
FordEscort MK.I RS16001970 - 1972Front
FordEscort MK.I RS20001973 - 1976Front
FordEscort MK.II Ghia1975 - 1980Front
FordEscort MK.II Mexico1972 - 1980Front
FordEscort MK.II RS18001978 -1980Front
FordEscort MK.II RS20001978 -1980Front
FordEscort MK.II Sport1975 - 1980Front
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