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Mark 9 - Mahogany Rim

Mark 9 - Mahogany Rim

Mark 9 - Mahogany Rim

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Moto-Lita Mark 9 - Mahogany Rim Steering Wheel
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Moto-Lita Mark 9 - Mahogany Rim Steering Wheel
From the day the business started, each and every steering wheel has been made by hand. Moto-Lita take a pride in their avoidance of hi-tech gadgetry. Moto-Lita don’t profile our wheels with lasers, they cut or press them. A robotic arm doesn’t spray our varnish on; it’s applied, coat-by-coat by hand with a beautifully effective low-tech brush, so that every handmade steering wheel leaving their workshop in Thruxton is worthy of carrying the Moto-Lita name. Moto-lita wouldn’t have it any other way, and they wouldn’t supply you with any lesser degree of quality. From the point in the late ‘50s when Simon Green designed and built the first Moto-Lita steering wheel for Arthur Moss, father of Stirling Moss, our name has been synonymous with high quality British craftsmanship. From humble beginnings making one-off racing car steering wheels, we’ve expanded our range to offer steering wheels for the most respected and admired classic cars from Britain and around the world.
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