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Vinyl Top Ultra Proofer - 500ml

Vinyl Top Ultra Proofer - 500ml

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Vinyl Top Ultra Proofer - 500ml

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Renovo Ultra Proofer will cocoon your fabric soft-top in its own multi purpose barrier
Product Details
This product will re-establish the original 'as new' waterproof weather barrier of your convertible top.

The recently improved formulation now has the added benefits of UV factor protection and a mould/mildew growth inhibitor to ensure convertible tops look like new for longer.

Ultra Proofer will help to prevent the harmful penetration of everyday dirt into the fibres of new and old convertible top material and help to keep the re-colour provided by Soft-Top Reviver fresher for even longer.

Technical Info
  • Ensure that the soft top is thoroughly cleaned
  • Ensure that you have sufficient Ultra Proofer to complete a full coat
  • Keep a soft damp cloth ready to wipe off any splashes or dribbles on paintwork and glass
  • Work in a timely fashion to ensure that the edges of the freshly applied Ultra Proofer do not dry out too quickly
  • Work from the centre outwards round and round the vehicle
  • Apply to a dry top and allow Ultra Proofer to dry completely before applying further product or taking out in the rain
  • Use every 6-12 months

  • Don’t
  • Use on vinyl soft tops
  • Forget to stir the Ultra Proofer prior to use
  • Dilute or mix the Ultra Proofer with any other product
  • Apply the Ultra Proofer in direct sunlight or on a hot day that will cause the Ultra Proofer to dry too quickly
  • Allow to dry on glass and paintwork
  • Apply to vinyl soft tops or cars with modified paintwork
  • Apply water proofing agent prior to using Reviver unless the proofer is completely removed first
  • Manufacturer
    Renovo International is based in Haywards Heath, in Sussex England.

    Owned and managed by Patrick Coghlan, a car enthusiast himself, the company has a range of six car care products that have proved to be highly effective in their application, so much so that some are used in widely diverse areas - boat, aircraft and awning restoration to name just a few.

    The Reviver range is available in Black, Dark Blue, Green, Brown and Dark Red to match your car, whether it's an Aston Martin, Audi, BMW, MG, TVR, Porsche or Jaguar.

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